An Introduction to Regenerative Agriculture

Regenerative agriculture does not mean organic or conventional—it is a pathway for all producers to improve soil health and become more profitable. This webinar reframes production issues like weeds, nutrient deficiencies, and water ponding as signs of a poorly functioning farm ecosystem. Understanding the farm as an ecosystem unlocks new solutions to these problems, which are summarized in the principles of regenerative agriculture: 1) reduce disturbance, 2) keep the soil covered, 3) maximize diversity, 4) keep a living root in the ground year-round, and 5) integrate livestock. Understanding how and why these principles work can help farmers achieve higher functioning soils that ultimately lead to greater profitability. In this webinar, Gabe Brown will demonstrate how regenerative soil management can be profitable. He will also talk about what led him to start a business (Soil Health Consultants, LLC) to give producers the education and coaching they need to become successful regenerative farmers and ranchers.

Cost: $35/member; $50/non-member


Introduction to Regenerative Agriculture
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Open to view video. Recorded webinar: Introduction to Regenerative Agriculture