ASFMRA Best in Business Ethics

Format: This online course provides an overview of the ethical challenges that farm managers and appraisers face in the business world, and how ASFMRA's Code of Ethics and professional standards address these challenges. The course consists of nine sections and an optional survey. Each section includes instructional screens, examples, interactions, and knowledge check questions. 

Course Length: 2 hours

CE: 2 hours of ASFMRA CE

Internet Browser: It is recommended that you use either Chrome or Edge when taking this course.

Completion Requirements: To complete the course, you must complete all nine sections.

Objectives: After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Define ethics and explain why it's important to behave ethically
  • Identify ethical conflicts in business situations
  • Identify ways to maintain ethical behavior within your organization
  • Identify typical causes and conditions of ethical breaches
  • Take steps to make better ethical choices
  • Describe ASFMRA's disciplinary options for addressing ethical breaches
  • Describe some of ASFMRA's policies and Standards of Professional Practice
  • Discuss and apply several articles from the ASFMRA Code of Ethics
Technical Requirements:
  • PC or Mac computer with an up-to-date browser such as Edge, Chrome, Firefox, or Safari. Do not use Internet Explorer.
  • Stable broadband connection
  • Disable all pop-up blockers
Note that some antivirus protection software or firewalls (common to company networks) can cause issues and prevent certain parts of the course from functioning properly. These and other local network-related issues would need to be assessed by your local IT support department. If issues persist, your IT department should "whitelist" the following IP address:


Best Business Ethics Course
Begin self-paced component package.
Begin self-paced component package.
Ethics Course: Evaluation
10 Questions
10 Questions Please answer the following questions about your experience with the course.
2 credits  |  Certificate available
2 credits  |  Certificate available